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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Mike Crowley, Vice President at Crowley Insurance Agency INC. Mike talks about his journey of being in a family-owned agency and shares what he has done to change it. Mike also discusses the significance of having the right mindset and adapting to changes. 
Key Quotes:

“Without them trying to find out the reason, my opinion has always been, especially because it has worked well…okay, you don’t want to do it, I’m gonna do it.” – Mike Crowley (18:44)

“Nobody’s ever going come at you and fire you for doing something on your own time with your own dollar.” – Mike Crowley (19:25)

“All these people don’t want to try and do something because either they’re scared or you know, they’re afraid of failure, whatever the case is. My advice is always, you know, try just do it.” – Mike Crowley (20:24)

“Our mindset is, that we’re in the greatest industry there is. And the reason for this is because if I lose a big account, or like you it a whale, I’m just going to go get 10 more whales to put on the books.” – Mike Crowley (22:27)

“I see that things are changing. And I’m going to be able to adapt to the mindset that expenses don’t matter as much.” – Mike Crowley (35:54)

“So my purpose was, I’m gonna grow, I’m going to make new and renewal on a decent really well percentage higher than the norm. And I’m going to watch as the harder I work, the more sales I get, the more money I make, and that mindset crafted my pay scale…I lose this account, I’m just going to go do this.” – Mike Crowley (25:53)

“The biggest change I did without telling them at all, was changing our website. And that was done, you know, to the point where they buy into the fact of a website’s importance. – Mike Crowley (34:24)

“Things are changing in the world, we need to start learning what others are doing.” – Mike Crowley (38:01)

“In upstate New York, when they hear the word Crowley they think it’s the dairy company and they think of milk. I’m trying to change it to the point where people think of insurance versus milk.” – Mike Crowley (38:42)

“We got to keep feeding this fire. And we might not be feeding the fire by hiring more people. We’re going to feed the fire by some of these other things that we’re going to start implementing.” – Mike Crowley (40:14)

“Make sure be patient and you’re going to see great results as you continue to move forward.” – Mike Crowley (40:44) 

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