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Agency Intelligence


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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Vonda Copeland, CPIA, CWCU, Vice President of Operations Administration at Copeland Insurance Agency. Vonda talks about her approach in the insurance industry and her acquisition development. 

Episode Highlights:

  • What has attributed to Vonda’s success, skill or luck? (14:48)
  • Vonda shares how she got into the insurance industry. (15:43)
  • Vonda mentions her very first role in the agency. (20:48)
  • Does Vonda still utilize Quickbooks or does she prefer AMS? (22:36)
  • Vonda shares how Jay’s vision has improved the agency. (24:08)
  • Vonda shares how their acquisitions have developed. (27:37)
  • Vonda explains how she manages acquisitions and growth. (30:35)
  • Why does Vonda feel it’s important to utilize a calendar? (33:37)
  • Vonda mentions why developing resilience is key. (40:36)

Key Quotes:

  • “You all have to remember that we work in risk management. We work with the knowledge that we have to provide a safe work environment. And, we have to treat ourselves the same way as we would treat any of our commercial clients who are concerned about what to do with employees.” – Vonda Copeland, CPIA, CWCU
  • “The best way to get a contract for a company to expand your markets is through acquisition. So, we started acquiring… And, I don’t even know how many acquisitions we’ve done over the last 20 years.” – Vonda Copeland, CPIA, CWCU
  • “I think the real answer to developing resiliency is learning how to pivot. Because, when stuff comes at you, you have choices. You can not deal with it, you can crawl in a hole, you can pretend it doesn’t exist, or you can meet it head-on and figure out what you’re going to do with it.” – Vonda Copeland, CPIA, CWCU

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