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Through interviews, stories, and research, Ryan Hanley examines how insurance professionals reach peak performance in life and business. Why subscribe to The Ryan Hanley Show? CURIOSITY. I’m curious about how people get better at the business of insurance. I’m curious about how people find meaning in their life. I’m curious about how people overcome obstacles (most notably the ones they put in front of themselves). I’m curious about life, our planet, aliens, drugs, money, government, and a million other things and over the course of the life of this podcast, we're going to try and examine them all. If you’re curious too, then you're in the right place.

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Hosted By

Ryan Hanley

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, John Fohr, Co-Founder of TrustLayer, the digital platform helping agencies and business owners alike better track licensing, certificates, and insurance, joins the podcast for an EPIC conversation.

This is one you don’t want to miss…

Episode Highlights:

  • John sits down with Ryan and talks about when he started his business. (9:16)
  • John shares how they started the accelerator broker tech ventures during the pandemic. (14:01)
  • John shares more about his company, what they do, and how they operate with their clients. (23:05)
  • John shares some of the challenges they had to face as a start-up company. (29:10)
  • John tells us that their company and their clients are not brokers instead they work with brokers. (34:22)
  • Johns explains that their main goal for the broker is to make them earn more revenue because of their services. (39:41)
  • John shares that the way brokers adapt is by thinking that the value is for the customer and not just for you. (42:22)
  • John tells us that we should want to focus on building ground truth to build a proof of coverage. (49:41)
  • John talks about managing integrations in an efficient way. (54:43)

Key Quotes:

  • “So for us, like, we’re the trust layer, right? We’re happy to be that middle layer. And if people don’t even know that we exist, that’s fine, because we can work on just building infrastructure for the insurance industry.” – John Fohr
  • “We are either revenue-neutral, or we are revenue positive. For the broker, We’re trying to help you guys make more revenue.” – John Fohr
  • “Remember, this isn’t a value just for you. It’s a value for your customer.” – John Fohr

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