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Through interviews, stories, and research, Ryan Hanley examines how insurance professionals reach peak performance in life and business. Why subscribe to The Ryan Hanley Show? CURIOSITY. I’m curious about how people get better at the business of insurance. I’m curious about how people find meaning in their life. I’m curious about how people overcome obstacles (most notably the ones they put in front of themselves). I’m curious about life, our planet, aliens, drugs, money, government, and a million other things and over the course of the life of this podcast, we're going to try and examine them all. If you’re curious too, then you're in the right place.

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Hosted By

Ryan Hanley

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Jeff Roy, Founder and President of Excalibur Insurance and one of the most innovative independent insurance agency owners in the world, joins the podcast for a conversation on digital virtual assistants, also known as robotic process automation.

This is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ryan discusses Rogue Risk’s decision to switch to Nexure and change its agency management system. (10:34)
  • Jeff mentions that during an interview with Taylor Rhodes for the Digital Insurance Plan podcast, he confirmed that Tarmika will be discontinued in 2025. (12:14)
  • Ryan expresses his confusion as to why it is tough to create a CRM from an agency management system. (13:58)
  • Ryan mentions that he really likes what Better Agency is doing and thinks that they’ve made a lot of progress to being a player in the industry. (18:03)
  • Jeff explains that after seeing Applied Epic’s demo, he became interested in the new feature that can run an AMS through the browser. (20:22)
  • Ryan believes that understanding where the company goes without rating multiple carriers is the way to place business faster with the appropriate carrier. (24:33)
  • Jeff explains that you need some AI and machine learning to be able to direct you to the proper company because companies are changing their prices and moving so quickly. (26:54)
  • Jeff explains what it means to have a properly trained bot. (34:50)
  • Jeff explains the difference between Robotic Process Automation and a Digital Virtual Assistant. (38:24)
  • Jeff explains how robots function when assigned significant responsibilities. (40:34)
  • Jeff mentions that their bot is safe with two-factor authentication and that it cannot be hacked in the same manner that their staff can. (44:43)
  • Jeff mentions that if anyone is interested in learning more about robotic process automation, he will be giving a 30-minute lecture on how robots can make an agency more human. (50:42)

Key Quotes:

  • “You need some AI and machine learning to be able to direct you with the right company. Because companies are changing their rates and changing things.” – Jeff Roy
  • “Why would you want to use a bot? Really, you want to replace anything that humans are doing that they don’t need to do with technology. And a bot, once it’s trained, can do it reliable every time.” – Jeff Roy
  • “The bot is secure double factor authentication, you know, there’s no way of getting it hacked in any different than our staff. So that’s why it was important that we had the double factor authentication to get in, because I don’t want to log into anything without that.” – Jeff Roy

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