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Ryan Hanley

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Tanya Andolsen, President of Argosy Risk Specialists, joins the podcast for a deep dive into environmental insurance. We talk about what exactly environmental insurance is, why it’s essential, and ultimately how independent insurance agents sell more of it. 

This is an episode you insurance nerds don’t want to miss.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tanya discusses her background and how she got started in the insurance industry 27 years ago. (4:19)
  • Tanya explains the concept of being in the environmental insurance industry and the processes they follow. (9:54)
  • Tanya shares how everything can be related to our environment and how this can be explained to clients and contractors. (16:35)
  • Tanya explains that if there is a pollution exclusion on a claim, the chance is that it is going to be denied. (19:01)
  • Tanya shares the example of waste disposal as one environmental issue that could present an exposure for business owners if they are not properly protected. (23:35)
  • Tanya explains that environmental insurance helps clients with the things they cannot control. (30:46)
  • Tanya mentions that the process for environmental insurance is similar to other wholesale brokers that have an environmental division, and most policies are placed. (35:26)
  • Tanya explains that it is very important to have access to resources that will help clients understand their coverage. (38:56)

Key Quotes:

  • “What environmental insurance does is it helps you with the things that you can’t control; the people that are coming by your property, your neighbors, you know, those class action lawsuits, things like that.” – Tanya Andolsen
  • “A large percentage of what I see are developers, real estate investment trusts, and the reason they’re buying it is that they’ve got the investors and lenders, and they want to make sure that they’re covered and that there’s protection there in the event of an environmental issue.” – Tanya Andolsen
  • “Unfortunately, our society is becoming more and more litigious, and, you know, those are the things that insurance is there to help you with, to help your bottom line, or protect you because the chances are you don’t have this coffer of money set aside to defend yourself from an environmental claim.” – Tanya Andolsen

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