Agency Intelligence

Agency Intelligence


Agency intelligence podcast, is your top insurance podcast with two unique series that let you hear from and learn from both agency owners and industry influencers. Agents Influence is your weekly guide to the latest and greatest thought leaders the industry has to offer. Agency Intelligence covers real data from real agents in real agencies.

In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Ryan Hanley, Founder and President of Rogue Risk. Ryan chats about figuring out his legacy, developing his agency into what it is today, and important lessons he’s learned along the way. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Does Ryan love to win or hate to lose? (6:10)
  • Ryan chats about his rapid business growth. (9:26)
  • Does Ryan consider his company an agency or a brokerage? (10:36)
  • Ryan discusses affinity partnerships and the types of businesses he focuses on. (12:10)
  • What did Ryan have to do in order to grow his business and hire employees? (13:01)
  • What does Ryan’s agency look like today? (15:26)
  • What is Ryan sick of trying to convince people of? (16:08)
  • Ryan explains his approach to content marketing. (17:36)
  • What’s something Ryan does to mentally escape from work? (20:28)

Key Quotes:

  • “What the industry tells us is there is a machismo to the chest thumping. Look how far I got by myself, right? Like, there’s this sense of, you know, I earned this summer.” – Ryan Hanley
  • “My philosophy is there are two reasons why small businesses do not purchase online: trust and customer experience.” – Ryan Hanley
  • “My perspective is, look, in order to properly offer your customer base small business insurance, you have to be able to offer more than one option. We have to be able to offer multiple products and one of the core philosophies at Rogue Risk is, no customer left behind.” – Ryan Hanley

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