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In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, guest host Mitch Gibson interviews Ryan Mahoney, an Insurance Agent at Goosehead Insurance. Ryan talks about his career in the insurance industry and understanding the avenues for creating content for social media.
Episode Highlights:

Ryan shares his background and his career in the insurance industry. (12:09)

What was the biggest obstacle that Ryan had to overcome? (14:46)

Ryan shares one of the biggest benefits that his company had. (14:59)

Ryan mentions their retention rate. (15:37)

Ryan shares one of the elements that reminded him of Gary Vee. (20:50)

Ryan shares the short-term and the long-term game of creating content for social. (23:11)

Why is it important to be authentic in content creation? (39:34)

Ryan gives pieces of advice on editing video content. (43:39)

Key Quotes:

“It’s better to be lucky than good. But for us, we’re very intentional about what we do on a daily basis, whether that’s content or prospecting, or anything. So, I think skill comes as time goes on with experience and all that stuff.” – Ryan Mahoney

“If you’re not able to solve a problem on one risk for them, you’re kind of fighting an uphill battle at that point, too. So, being able to kind of find a solution for everything has been a big win for us.” – Ryan Mahoney

“I always think for every person who’s going to walk away from you, there’s one that’s going to walk towards you.” – Ryan Mahoney

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