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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Scott Knowles, CEO and Co-Founder of Loss Scan.

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott shares his background in the industry and the development of a tool called Loss Scan to extract data from loss runs for analysis. (2:31)
  • Scott explains that Loss Scan is a one-click tool that imports and extracts detailed information from loss runs, streamlining data analysis and eliminating manual processes, with future features including claim comparison, customization, and organized data export for client presentations. (5:44)
  • Scott mentions that Loss Scan is an algorithm that aims to solve problems by thinking outside the box and enhancing human capabilities, with potential applications beyond the insurance industry. (10:36)
  • Scott discusses how Loss Scan is revolutionizing the industry by providing quick and easy analysis of loss runs, saving time for carriers and underwriters, and improving the underwriting process. (13:37)
  • Scott believes that understanding the needs of clients and getting in their shoes is crucial for success in the insurance industry, and providing a product that helps facilitate those conversations is key. (19:52)
  • Scott expresses his desire to attend the IndieTech2023 to collaborate with other Insurtechs and have meaningful conversations about connecting products and exploring new ideas. (23:58)

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s not that we want to replace humans from doing this process, we want to improve their capabilities, we want to enhance what they’re doing. And so that’s what Loss Scan is about.” – Scott Knowles
  • “I can tell you, what we’re doing and what’s coming is phenomenal. I mean, it’s just we’ve tapped into something that is so much better than what we’ve done before. ” – Scott Knowles
  • “The best technology that you can get out there is technology that comes from people who are in the industry, understand the industry.” – Scott Knowles

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