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Agency Intelligence


Agency intelligence podcast, is your top insurance podcast with two unique series that let you hear from and learn from both agency owners and industry influencers. Agents Influence is your weekly guide to the latest and greatest thought leaders the industry has to offer. Agency Intelligence covers real data from real agents in real agencies.

In this episode of Agency Intelligence, James Castell joins guest host Mike Crowley. James talks about how he successfully joined a family agency by opening a new product division in their agency and within 10 years is awarded one of Liberty Mutual’s agent of the year awards.

Episode Highlights:

  • James shares how he got into the insurance industry. (2:43)
  • James mentions how the give and take with his father went. (8:39)
  • James shares how he was able to turn a Medicare supplement agency into an agency of the future in less than ten years. (17:38)
  • James explains what they created for Medicare clients. (21:43)
  • James gives a piece of advice to those who can’t make a change in their family agency. (35:00)
  • James mentions their long-term vision. (39:56)
  • Which does James prefer, audiobooks or podcasts? (42:07)
  • Does James prefer remote work or office work? (43:12)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think as things digitize and move forward, and people go that route and want simplicity and want all the ease, there’s still going to be a niche for us to carve out of people who care.” – James Castell
  • “As a second generation, if you don’t have buy-in from the first, that you are doing something for the betterment of the agency… then, there needs to be some bigger, bigger bricks moved.” – James Castell
  • “If you’re not seeing eye to eye that you’re both doing things for the best thing for the agency, that’s a problem. You need to sort that out before you need to digitize or get texting, or all that.” – James Castell

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