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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Stephen Harrington-Descoteaux, Performance Coach at Agency Performance Partners.

Episode Highlights:

  • Stephen shares his background and what led him to the insurance sector. (2:35)
  • Jason believes that when it comes to branding, the name of the business is very important. (8:12)
  • Stephen discusses how he met Kelly Donahue-Piro and how they began working together at Agency Performance Partners. (9:18)
  • Stephen mentions that he is currently working with several clients on compensation and incentive plans. (13:19)
  • Stephen emphasizes the importance of having replicable processes because having inefficient processes or unclear operations can be stressful to our staff. (19:51)
  • Stephen explains that during their annual review processes, they have a checklist of 20 discounts to review to determine those the customers currently have and those they may still be able to get. (21:50)
  • Stephen shares how he ensures that the customers are a good match for their agency culture. (23:57)
  • Stephen explains that Agency Performance Partners is always expanding and they are now doing final interviews with a few candidates to bring on another coach. (27:03)
  • Stephen explains that developing a team and culture takes time, but they believe that in the end, it is a wonderful thing to grow and create. (29:28)

Key Quotes:

  • “With horrible processes or not clear operations, we waste a lot of time and we stress our staff. So, I think we really need to make sure that we’re doing everything in a replicable way where people understand what the process is.” – Stephen Harrington-Descoteaux
  • “A lot of us are worried about saving an account and we shop out of our own pocket. So, you know, if I’m price sensitive as a CSR or as an Account Manager, I’m assuming the client’s price sensitive.” – Stephen Harrington-Descoteaux
  • “We’re helping with the operations. We’re getting everything ready. We’re building the team and the culture, and then we’re out, right? I mean, we know what the process is, and it’s a long-term commitment, but we know at the end, it’s going to be a well-oiled machine that is a beautiful thing to grow and create.” – Stephen Harrington-Descoteaux

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