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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Delanea Davis, the co-founder and CEO of Cloud 9 Online. Delanea talks about the benefits of the MediMed app and how her research abilities made her successful. They also discuss the significance of mental health in our society and understanding the impact of stigma on people with mental illness.
Episode Highlights:
Jason introduces Delanea Davis. (1:12)

Delanea shares that when she joined Travelers in 2006, they didn’t have a market research department, and she was brought in to build out the department and learn to show the organization how to bring the voice of customers, and agents into decision making. (4:13)

Is Delanea an iPhone or an Android user? (6:21)
Delanea shares the fascinating fact of the two devices. (6:49)

Delanea says that when she left Travelers, she formed a holistic wellness company. (7:31)

Delanea shares that technology was their catalyst in achieving their goal. (8:09)

What is the recent app that Delanea downloaded? (9:17)

Does Delanea love to win or hate to lose? (9:47)

Delanea shares that due to the pandemic, there has been a spotlight on mental illness as a huge problem. (10:51)

Delanea explains the benefits of their app. (12:08)

What does Delanea attribute to her success, skill or luck? (13:17)

Delanea mentions that Grit is a popular word in the entrepreneurial world. (15:47)

Where was Delanea born? (18:40)

Delanea shares her educational background and her career. (21:28)

Delanea says that she loves studying behavior, and people understanding what makes them tick and try to anticipate what they’re going to do next. (22:49)

Jason says that he really likes Delanea’s research ability. (24:57)

Delanea shares that she studied the Ph.D. level in organizational psychology and certification program in hypnosis. (27:24)

Delanea shares that the effectiveness of hypnosis blew her away. (27:55)

Delanea explains the difference betwe