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Agency intelligence podcast, is your top insurance podcast with two unique series that let you hear from and learn from both agency owners and industry influencers. Agents Influence is your weekly guide to the latest and greatest thought leaders the industry has to offer. Agency Intelligence covers real data from real agents in real agencies.

In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jennifer Carroll, the CEO of Veruna. Jennifer talks about how Veruna’s platform has changed the agency management system and how they became the world’s number one customer relationship management system.

Episode Highlights:

Jason introduces Jennifer Carroll. (1:08)

Jennifer shares that fear is fun, strong, and temporary. If you want to change to exist in the long term, you need to get motivated for a positive long-term change for something you want. (7:36)

Jennifer mentions that she didn’t start off in the insurance industry, she’s a licensed attorney and has been working with tech startups for the last 10 years. (9:41)

Jennifer shares that you can’t be tone-deaf, you must understand and be where your customers are, to understand their business needs to continue and grow in the right direction. (10:31)

Jennifer mentions that her undergraduate degrees were in biology and chemistry, then she went to law school. (11:22)

Jennifer mentions that 10 years ago, she was working in a small tech startup that won a contest. (12:05)

Jennifer shares that she exclusively worked with tech startups around Austin, for several years, until one of her strategic consulting engagements as a lawyer was with Veruna, and that’s how she met the team and the board. (13:40)

Jennifer mentions that they just hired a head of product this year, and he’s been in the B2B software space for many years, he’s a nice grounding source for her team, and he’s been driving a lot of change internally on their product and the engineering side. (18:02)

Jennifer shares that salesforce is also a platform for non-code development and to understand that there are some interesting possibilities for improving the way they do business, the way they help their team and get things cleaner, and better. (21:20)

Jennifer shares that she’s reading a book entitled Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. (46:36)

Key Quotes:

“If you want wonderful things to happen in the world, you need to have a positive attitude about it. And so, positivity breeds positivity, and if you want to get people motivated and working on things, then you have to give them something to reach for and work for. It takes a lot longer, and it’s a lot slower. But if you want people to change their attitudes and adopt change successfully, they need to be motivated.” – Jennifer Carroll

“We’re trying to win positively by motivating people to make the world a better place and change for the better, for the future. And that’s how we look at things in Veruna.” – Jennifer Carroll

“As a leader of your organization, you need to be thinking about how do you get the right data, that’s scientifically gathered in your system in a way that’s uniform, that you can test against, right? And you have to limit your variables to one testing variable at a time.” – Jennifer Carroll

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