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In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Dale Langehennig, CIC, the owner of Texas Preferred Insurance. Dale talks about his shift from working in a prison system to the insurance industry and shares advice on how to overcome obstacles in your agency.

Episode Highlights:

Dale shares his background and his present career. (16:02)

How did Dale shift his career from working in the prison system to the insurance industry? (24:03)

What does Dale’s agency look like today and how many employees does he have? (29:16)

Dale mentions the main goal that he wanted for his agency. (29:25)

Dale shares where his second office is located. (29:39)

What was the main change that Dale made? (32:37)

Dale shares the most significant leading factor in his agency. (38:22)

Dale mentions a piece of good advice from Michael Hyatt. (40:23)

Dale shares why he wanted to get to a salesforce-based platform. (46:59)

Dale mentions Michael Hyatt’s book entitled, Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals. (58:20)

Key Quotes:

“If we’re going to focus on the negative, it just takes the legs out from under us to be able to move forward and have that positive momentum to win. I truly love to win more than I hate to lose because I know we’re going to lose sometime. Just keep getting out there and winning.” – Dale Langehennig

“If I’ve got to have a disclaimer on every single thing we do, I’m gonna find a better way. There’s got to be something better than this.” – Dale Langehennig

“When that obstacle is in front of you, don’t go to the right or the left, or stop.  Go straight through it and you will find the lesson that obstacle is teaching you. When you lose staff or that one major account or maybe things are happening in your family, you learn from that to do better.” – Dale Langehennig

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