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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Steven Mohr, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Lightspeed Voice. Steven talks about how they developed Lightspeed Voice, what agencies are looking for in a phone service and what Lightspeed Voice is working on now. 

Episode Highlights:

Jason introduces Steven Mohr. (1:10)

Steven shares that during his younger years, he tried to be an entrepreneur but didn’t work out, then early on in his career he found his way in the business. (9:54)

Steven mentions that when he found his way to E Bridge, which was a technology company, document management within the insurance business that built an AMS called E Agent. (10:22)

Steven shares that when Allstate purchased the product back in 2012, he went along with the acquisition and worked there until last year managing the agency facing technology. (10:38)

Steven mentions that agent integration was one of the first integrations that lightspeed voice did. He made a connection to help lightspeed voice grow and help the agent provide functionality. Steven and Brad became partners in April of last year. (11:10)

Steven thinks that most people want to be able to text from their main phone. (17:48)

Steven shares that their ultimate goal is to make sure that even if it is a third party, they can port that number over from where you send the text, and it ends up in the system of record. (18:59)

Steven mentions that they have a couple of solutions that are built into the product , and since softphones are popular nowadays, they provided what they call Find Me Follow Me, where within the solution, you set a trigger and automatically forward it to your cell phone, and it stays within the Lightspeed Voice Network, which is very significant. (23:09)

Steven mentions that they’re currently offering two things, the physical phone on your desktop or instead of a physical phone, they can provide third-party software. (23:41)

Steven shares one of the reasons why he invited Jason and David to visit him. (31:05)

Key Quotes:
“That’s why we love partnerships and everything. You know, you’re always trying to stay out with what’s out there, right? Just as a company, you just want to be relevant based on what’s out there, and we need folks to come in and tell us that’s fine. But everybody’s going to have that, what are you going to do differently? What are you going to do next level?” – Steven Mohr
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