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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Bill Martin, President and CEO at Plymouth Rock Property Assurance. Bill talks about how he got into the insurance industry and his journey to becoming the CEO. He also discusses the value of understanding the analytics and data in the industry.
Episode Highlights:
Jason introduces Bill Martin. (3:06)

Is Bill an iPhone or an Android user? (3:41)

What was the last app that Bill downloaded? (4:56)

Does Bill love to win or hate to lose? (6:10)

Has Bill listened to Jason’s podcast before? (6:44)

What does Bill attribute to his success, skill or luck? (7:02)

Bill shares the first big break of his career in insurance. (7:55)

Bill shares his background and journey to success. (8:40)

Bill mentions that he did a series of three startups. (11:56)

Bill says that the main idea is that you should be able to know before you offer somebody insurance is what you need to charge them. (14:43)

Bill mentions that there is no great insurance story that isn’t a distribution story. If you have great agents, you’re going to win. (18:00)

Bill explains that he gets to concentrate on making his product more attractive to both the distributors and the customers, and that’s where the value is going to be built. (18:46)

Would it be safe to say that a lot of CEOs don’t think like Bill? (19:25)

Bill mentions that there is some brilliance to the delivery of really good ideas that aren’t apparent at first. (21:38)

Jason shares that the distribution system has given him a life, he never thought that would be possible. (22:15)

Jason thinks that a lot of people lose sight of understanding that it’s a passion, a willingness, and a desire to change an industry and have it look perhaps, different. (22:34)

Bill shares that there are some great things about the regulation that we aren’t embracing enough, but there are also some things that are just getting old. (24:24)

What is the game plan that Bill cast as a vision for Plymouth, and how does he see the future? (26:14)

Bill mentions that he started the small piece of a company called Neptune Flood Insurance. (26:50)

Why has the industry not tried to take over the National Flood Insurance Program? (28:46)