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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Mark Engels, CEO of ePayPolicy. Mark discusses the areas in which ePayPolicy has simplified the process of making insurance payments. Mark also highlights ePayPolicy’s new service, CheckMate, which is changing the game for paper check payments.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mark discusses how ePayPolicy’s new service, CheckMate, is making it easy for customers to receive payments and then have them auto reconcile into the back office to make things more efficient. (2:52)
  • Mark explains what a lockbox is and how it helps customers by transforming physical checks into digital files. (6:03)
  • Mark mentions that as ePayPolicy evolves, they are developing a solution for their clients that only take a handful of checks in their office each month and do not require a full-fledged outsourced lockbox service. (8:17)
  • Mark announces that ePayPolicy will launch a product associated with outbound payments for an insurance premium, as well as an invoicing solution that will take it to the next level. (10:14)
  • Jason explains how he became interested in the services and products offered by ePayPolicy. (13:07)
  • Mark shares that ePayPolicy will be attending AI Brainshare in March of 2023 in New Orleans. (15:45)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you think about the ecosystem today, and what we do, well, we help our customers accept and auto reconcile inbound payments associated with a premium.” – Mark Engels
  • “There’s still a lot of paper checks in the ecosystem. And, you know, it causes a lot of pain for the folks that are out there. And so we took a step back and said, Look, why don’t we come up with a solution to offload that burden from our customers, we can’t force the insurance into a method of payment.” – Mark Engels
  • “It’s our job to make it easier for our customers to accept those payments, and then make them auto reconcile into the back office to make it more efficient. So that’s what CheckMate is all about.” – Mark Engels

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