Millionaire Insurance Producer

Millionaire Insurance Producer

The Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast is the top podcast for insurance producers who want to quote less and win more often. Charles was a producer with a $1,000,000+ Book of Business, before starting a consulting company working directly with insurance buyers. Charles understands what your prospects both want and need and will give you the tools of how to package your services in such a way that your prospects will fire their current agent and sign your Broker of Record Letter…during the very first appointment!
Hosted By

Hosted By

Charles Specht

In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht breaks down what those seven steps are and how you can do it, too!

Episode Highlights:

  • Charles mentions his book called, The Millionaire Producer. (1:49)
  • Charles shares the first step: collect signatures and serve happiness. (3:00)
  • What’s one of the most important and most expensive pieces of paper in the insurance business? (4:44)
  • Charles walks us through the second step. (7:28)
  • Charles details the third step: think bigger. (12:38)
  • Charles shares the crucial fourth step in building your book of business. (15:17)
  • Charles explains the fifth step: riches are in the micro-niches. (17:16)
  • Charles mentions the sixth step. (21:17)
  • Charles shares the final step, which is accountability. (26:40)

Key Quotes:

  • “Our clients need to be happy. They want to be joyful, they want to be satisfied, they would like to stay loyal, they want to be happy that they chose you. And so, we have to provide services that provide solutions to the bigger problems that they have. You do that…your client will remain happy.” – Charles Specht
  • “You’re not necessarily a salesperson, you are a persuader. You need to work on your persuasion. As you work on your persuasion, your tact, your delivery, how you actually message things, you’re gonna see your book of business actually increase significantly.” – Charles Specht
  • “That’s what an insurance agent does…collect signatures, serve happiness. Stop offering quotes to people who have not yet given you their permission to represent you in the marketplace. That’s not what pros do.” – Charles Specht

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