Millionaire Insurance Producer

Millionaire Insurance Producer

The Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast is the top podcast for insurance producers who want to quote less and win more often. Charles was a producer with a $1,000,000+ Book of Business, before starting a consulting company working directly with insurance buyers. Charles understands what your prospects both want and need and will give you the tools of how to package your services in such a way that your prospects will fire their current agent and sign your Broker of Record Letter…during the very first appointment!
Hosted By

Hosted By

Charles Specht

Yes, indeed, how you represent your prospects to the marketplace will either make you a winner or guarantee your failure.

In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht demonstrates how you can construct a new business or renewal submission to your carriers that will not only cause the underwriters to want to quote your submission but will encourage them to give you a better quote!

Episode Highlights:

  • Charles discusses how important it is to present the insured to the marketplace. (3:02)
  • Charles explains the two things that a business owner may do to ensure success. (4:59)
  • Charles shares a story about when he was still figuring out his consulting practice. (5:59)
  • Charles discusses the responses he received from his LinkedIn question for underwriters. (9:05)
  • Charles explains the significance of a superior submission. (25:54)
  • Charles believes that a good submission will get you more broker record letters if you can demonstrate to the prospect that you would be marketing them like a Ferrari in the market. (30:30)

Key Quotes:

  • “If I can help you be more successful in your career, whether you’re on the carrier side or the agency side or in loss control, or whatever it is, doesn’t matter if you’re doing personal lines or employee benefits, property and casualty life insurance, I don’t care, I want to be able to help you. ” – Charles Specht
  • “If you can put together a superior submission and give reason, detailed description and reason to the underwriter, what they’ve done for certain things, and why credits should be given. You’re much more able to justify those credits with the underwriter and likely to get them” – Charles Specht
  • “If the insured knew how poorly so many agents out there are representing them to the marketplace right now, based upon their renewal submission, let alone the new business submission. I believe those insured’s would fire their agent immediately and sign a broker of record letter to anyone else who’s willing to put together a good submission.” – Charles Specht

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