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Together we are stronger! On the Power Women Insurance Podcast, we get to ask the questions about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

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Hosted By

Teresa Kitchens

In this throwback episode of Power Women in Insurance Podcast, Teresa talks to Nancy Huff Nicklow, the president and owner of Huff Insurance in Pasadena Maryland. She started in the insurance industry at 14 years old when she worked for her father filling and doing claims. 

Nancy took over the insurance agency at age 35, right after her father passed away. She shares the challenges she went through during that period and the changes she had to make to grow the agency.

Listen in to learn how Nancy together with her husband has grown Huff Insurance massively by incorporating the right technological and digital marketing strategies. You will also learn the hiring strategy that she uses in hiring the right person for the team. 

Top Takeaways:

  • Taking over an old insurance agency and changing how things work.
  • Understanding how technology works in growing an insurance business.
  • How to deal with change resistance among the staff members.
  • How to connect with clients through the use of extensive videos. 
  • Finding the right employees that suit your agency’s values and expectations.

Key Moments: 

  • [1:00] Nancy shares her story starting in insurance at 14 years and officially taking over her father’s insurance agency at age 35.
  • [2:20] Overcoming the challenges that initially faced her in the agency and going on to more than doubled its size in 13 years.
  • [7:35] How did she manage to take control of things in the agency? 
  • [9:27] How digital marketing propelled them to grow so fast- clients came looking for them and not the other way around. 
  • [12:01] She talks about how her husband got the education to do massive digital marketing for Huff Insurance.
  • [14:35] How she dealt with technological change resistance among her staff.
  • [19:18] The power of making connections with clients through video.
  • [20:58] What is Nancy’s biggest superpower? 
  • [23:25] Nancy shares the turning point that saw her decide to do the right thing without caring what others think. 
  • [30:43] What type of employee make an excellent team player in Nancy’s agency? 

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