Millionaire Insurance Producer

Millionaire Insurance Producer

The Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast is the top podcast for insurance producers who want to quote less and win more often. Charles was a producer with a $1,000,000+ Book of Business, before starting a consulting company working directly with insurance buyers. Charles understands what your prospects both want and need and will give you the tools of how to package your services in such a way that your prospects will fire their current agent and sign your Broker of Record Letter…during the very first appointment!
Hosted By

Hosted By

Charles Specht

Many insurance agents do a poor job of clearly explaining to their prospects and clients about what the insurance program covers or excludes. 

In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht explains how you can transition prospects into loyal, paying clients by being ultra-transparent and educational.

Episode Highlights:

  • Charles mentions that many insurance agencies do not have a formalized proposal. (2:05)
  • Charles explains why you will lose clients and prospects if you confuse them. (4:47)
  • Charles discusses a different way of meeting with prospects in order to win their business. (7:30)
  • According to Charles, if you can explain how you’ll be able to produce a better positive outcome, clients and prospects will be much more inclined to desire to do business with you. (12:58)
  • Charles explains that you can win more clients by being more transparent and advocating for education. (15:36)
  • Charles gives an example of how you could do a much better job of making your prospect or insured feel more comfortable with you. (17:16)
  • Charles explains that prospects want to know that they purchased insurance from the right broker and that they have coverage with the finest provider at the lowest possible cost. (22:25)
  • Charles makes a special offer to those who want to join the Permission Group Mastermind. (25:47)
  • Charles discusses what’s going on with Permission Group Mastermind. (26:37)

Key Quotes:

  • “The lack of education, the lack of understanding that the insurance buyer has about the entire insurance process is not your friend, it’s your enemy.” – Charles Specht
  • “This whole idea of how you can win more clients is by being more transparent, by being much more of an advocate for education, helping them actually see what they have what they don’t have, rather than doing what lots of agents tend to do is they win a new client, and then they ghost that client.” – Charles Specht
  • “I do believe that when you go into the mastermind, you’re going to be in a much stronger position to actually win” – Charles Specht

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