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In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, guest host Mitch Gibson interviews Todd Saylor, the President and Owner of PayServ Systems. Todd talks about understanding work-life harmony, the significance of being passionate about the insurance industry, and mastering the five T’s.

Episode Highlights:

Mitch mentions Todd’s book entitled, Wired Differently. (4:03)

Todd shares an interesting fact about losing and being decisive. (8:09)

Todd shares about work-life balance and his message to the listeners. (12:36)

Todd mentions the best accomplishment that 2020 did for them. (20:12)

Todd shares what he wants the people to learn from the work-life harmony. (25:02)

Has Todd’s passion always been to be an entrepreneur? (26:23)

Todd mentions why you need to know who you are to be able to become who you want to be. (34:13)

What can Todd do as a person to help him become the best version of himself? (38:01)

Todd shares the significance of owning his brand. (49:00)

Todd shares the five T’s. (50:38)

Key Quotes:

“One of your gifts you need to know to be wired differently is owning who you are and pursuing what you want. I want you to understand one of the gifts that you need to leverage and know about yourself is that you’re affable.” – Todd Saylor

“I strongly believe that part of my success and part of what you’re grasping now in your life is that you’re embracing that work-life should be in harmony with God and in harmony with business.” – Todd Saylor

“I want to encourage the listeners that growing and building a family, building a company, and trying to serve the Lord all at the same time, there’s no such thing as buckets anymore. Your cell phone is with you, your family is with you, and God is always with you, and that’s a really important cocktail.” – Todd Saylor

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