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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Walt Goshert, Insurance LinkedIn Expert and Independent Marketing Consultant. Walt shares his knowledge and expertise in using LinkedIn to build and refine your prospecting. 
Episode Highlights:
Jason introduces Walt Goshert. (1:01)

Is Walt an iPhone or an Android user? (2:07)

Does Walt love to win or hate to lose? (6:00)

Walt says that in the insurance business, you must have the discipline to improve your game and get better. (7:11)

What does Walt attribute to his life, skill or luck? (12:13)

Walt shares his background story. (15:22)

What was Walt’s main line of insurance that he wrote? (17:03)

Walt shares his experience being a brokerage. (18:53)

Jason believes that training about having a process is what they forgot to learn. (19:53)

Jason shares that over the last two years he learned that when you start getting into the big agencies, they expect risk management. (23:24)

Jason shares what he said about LinkedIn back in 2013. (26:15)

Walt says that marketers tend to ruin everything. (30:48)

Walt shares that it’s significant to understand how LinkedIn search works to be able to tap the database. (32:02)

Walt says that LinkedIn gives you a platform to build your personal brand and get noticed. (33:31)

What are some tools out there that agents can use that work with LinkedIn and can help them refine their prospecting? (35:21)

Walt thinks that a video is an untapped tool on LinkedIn. (35:43)

Does Walt consider personalized small business as a commodity? (42:37)

Jason shares what David Carothers and Killing Commercial showed him. (48:15)

Walt mentions that mindset is significant in the business. (51:27)

Walt explains the target market. (56:51)

Walt says that if you’re a personalize