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Previous captive agent Katlyn Eggar and her indie rockstar guests help you crack the code to high volume new business growth. You can compete in the modern market without losing the heart and soul of your agency. Tune in to give your entrepreneurial spirit an extra boost and find that sometimes, the grass really is greener!

Hosted By

Hosted By

Katlyn Eggar

In this episode of the Age of Indiependence podcast, host Katlyn Eggar interviews Brad Shorkend, co-CEO of Still Human. Brad unlocks how to activate and energize humans, and shows the role EQ will play in the insurance world as technology continues to advance.

Episode Highlights:

  • Has Brad lived in South Africa his whole life? (3:44)
  • Brad shares how his travels have been part of his research on human behavior. (8:55)
  • Brad explains what Still Human is all about. (11:19)
  • Brad shares his studies on human consciousness. (19:33)
  • Brad shares what’s missing when it comes to communication. (32:50)
  • Brad mentions the significance of verbal communication. (34:35)
  • What makes work suck for Brad? (39:44)
  • Brad shares how changing our interaction with clients can make an impact. (52:18)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think what people don’t understand is culture is always being created, either because of us or in spite of us. And, what people also don’t understand with culture, you get culture in the context of the way people do things a certain way in a certain environment, which is clearly visible.” – Brad Shorkend
  • “I use the word ‘obsessed’ deliberately. They obsess about getting certain things, right? Because, they understand that if you get the human being into its most optimal state, performance is at a higher level.” – Brad Shorkend
  • “Make sure that the communication matters both ways. Be in optimum delivery mode, be an optimum receiving mode, check for clarity. It saves so much time, energy, and frustration at a time where we’re lacking.” – Brad Shorkend

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