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In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jon Spaugy, the founder of BIG Independent Group. Jon shares his passion for the industry, his goals, and why he started an insurance association. Jon also talks about his company’s experience working from home during this time and gives an update on the BIG conference in August. 
Episode Highlights:
Jason Cass introduces guest Jon Spaugy. (1:07)

Is Jon an Android or an iPhone user? (3:33)

What was the last app that Jon downloaded? (4:20)

Does Jon love to win or hate to lose? (7:52)

What does Jon attribute to his success, skill, or luck? (10:10)

Jon shares his background story and the key to his success. (12:34)

Jon talks about the position that Hartford offered him. (16:51)

Jon talks about the time he decides to be an agency owner. (20:09)

What brought Jon to California? (22:23)

Jon shares that when he started working in the industry, he was working with his parents. (23:03)

How did Jon come about with Facebook live and what is his obsession with it? (24:10)

What is the goal of Jon Spaugy? (29:34)

Jon explains why he started the insurance association. (30:11)

Jon is having a conference in August. (38:11)

Jon shares their experience working from home. (46:08)

3 Key Points:
Jon’s offices do not have a lot of people that come into the actual office anymore. His employee can perfectly work from home or come to the office, or they can do both.
When Jon is doing the meetings for the association that they’re working with they are talking to the agents about making sure that they’re using the format, especially on bigger accounts.
Jon’s company is working closely with CIC insurance Academy to get education out to people too.
Key Quotes:
“You can’t be an environment of winners on your own because you can, it’s how you connect, you have to do it. I can’t make you do it.” – Jon Spaugy
“You have to humble yourself down when you have that you better appreciate it.” – Jon Spaugy
“You could have a lot of passion and then the execution didn’t come off as good as it should have.” – Jon Spaug