In this episode of Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, Taylor Rhodes joins the show.

Former US Marine, Arizona Rancher and Rush Fan, Taylor Rhodes, is getting the Applied System’s troops ready for the next round of the Canadian Broker management systems business wars.

Scratching your head on Applied? – not so fast.

What is cool about Mr. Rhodes; he is new to the insurance industry and has no insurance “dirty laundry” to air. He sees the insurance industry as an underutilized digital playground that needs fresh blood to accelerate connectivity.

In this episode, Taylor (while drinking a good La Fin Du Monde 9% Quebec beer) talks about 3 key areas that Applied is focusing on:

1. Velocity

2. User Experience (#ux)

3. Digital Connectivity

In addition, we get an update on many of the Applied System’s newest products, including Policyworks, Indio, Applied mobile (CSR 24), salesforce integration, and Applied Automation.

Taylor also talks about the 5 key trends shaping business today and we pull back the covers and talk about how Google’s investment and expertise have helped improve Applied.

Over the last 20 months, Taylor has been putting his stamp on the Applied organization. To steal a Rush lyrics, he is doing all of the above to bring the user experience and client experience “closer to the heart.”

Taylor is a breath of fresh air that Canada’s biggest BMS system needs to fuel their Epic business transformation.

Join Tom Reid, Steve Earle, Adam Mitchell, and Jeff Roy as they open the tap and raise the bar with Taylor Rhodes.

P.S. What happened to Jeff’s glasses?


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