In this episode, the DIPP crew speaks with Nick Kidd, CEO & Co-Founder of Quotey, about his journey from AXA to CEO of April Canada to leading all things commercial at Mitchell & Whale, the pain of manuals and comparative rating in commercial insurance quoting and how he believes Quotey has the potential to transform the insurance industry and be the preferred digital platform of choice in commercial lines.

Nick discusses how commercial insurance “is an awful beast to work in” and why that led to him creating Quotey – a platform built by brokers for brokers. With Quotey, Nick says that brokers can complete client applications in as little as 10 minutes. They’ll then receive multiple insurer quotes in seconds. Yes, we said seconds. 

Grab yourself a pint and learn all about Quotey, Steve’s “say no to portals” movement and a whole bunch more in our first episode of season three.


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