London was calling at 10:00 pm UK time when the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast team jumped across the pond for our podcast with the man nicknamed Duke.

Theo Duchen, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and every other great tech entrepreneur, started Acturis in his basement 20 years ago. Fast forward to today, and Acturis has over 870 employees and does business in 6 countries. Theo, over the last 20 years, has been co-CEO with his business partner David McDonald and they have successfully made this work. To top all this off, his Favorite Canadian Singer is Alanis Morisset, isn’t that ironic.

Over a good Camden pale Ale, we discussed with Theo the following items:

In true Alanis style, the digital insurance pint Podcast team of Tom Reid, Steve Earle, Adam Mitchell, and Jeff Roy discuss everything; you Oughta know about Acturis.

Listen and determine if Acturis will become the Jagged little pill that catapults the Canadian broker distribution channel to the next level in connectivity and customer experience.


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